Red Bull Energy Drink Side Effects – True or False?

Is What Does Red Bull Taste Like safe? That’s the question being bantered about in the media. This small, 8.4 oz. beverage has taken the U.S. by storm, generating millions of dollars in revenue. But there is an aura of mystery surrounding it. So the question that’s inevitably asked is…are there side effects? Some say yes while others say no.

Those who believe there are side effects to drinking Red Bull specifically point out the high amount of caffeine in each can. Though, in reality, Red Bull contains about the same amount of caffeine as your average cup of coffee. Is caffeine detrimental to your health? Well, that’s a whole other topic, but some studies have shown that high intakes of caffeine on a regular basis can increase the risk heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Of course, other studies show that caffeine can be beneficial to the human body. As you can see, there’s no clear-cut answer. However, just to be safe, if you have a heart condition or any other medical condition, consult your doctor before drinking Red Bull or another energy drink.

On the flip side, supporters of the beverage believe the whole idea that there are Red Bull energy drink side effects is totally ridiculous. They point out that Red Bull provides a copious amount of b-vitamins, which are beneficial to many of our bodily processes, including disease prevention. And, as Red Bull claims in their advertisements, the increased concentration and focus that results after drinking the beverage can only be viewed as positive.

From personal experience, the only side effects I’ve experienced from drinking Red Bull are some jitters and nervousness, but that should be expected from most energy drinks. I believe you should try a can of Red Bull and see how you feel afterwards. That’s the ultimate indicator of whether or not it’s the right beverage for you. If you experience side effects, then you should discontinue consumption. If it “gives you wings” and helps you focus on important tasks, then keep drinking it.

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