Home Based Business Scams – Craft Assembly

Home based business Report Scam and get your money back have been in existence for a very long time now. However in the past, all the scammers have been able to do is to send letters through the mail. Now, with the birth of the biggest and most accessible information super highway of the world wide web, scammers have gone up to a whole new level. It is very easy for them to collect email addresses and send instant mail to thousands and thousands of people. Thus, their success rate for finding their victims who are gullible enough has increased exponentially.

The increase in scams are so significant. One must be wary of them because they are now so sophisticated. It would be very easy for the right kind of person to fall for the cleverly devised ruse. One such home based business scam that you should be aware of is called the craft assembly scam. The scam is one of the oldest one’s in circulation but it still is as successful today as it was back in the day.

This home based business scam goes like this. First, you get some unsolicited email about a great business opportunity. The job is that you have to assemble some dolls, or toys, or some kind of craft décor or furniture. You are then promised a great return fee for the pieces that you are able to assemble. They will basically pay you for the assembly. All you have to do is to pay a certain deposit for the raw parts that will be sent for you to be assembled. Sort of an insurance policy to protect them from those who might run off with the parts.

But then after you receive the instructions and the parts, and after all the hard work you put into putting together the thing, whatever item it is, you never hear from them again. You will try to sell them back the finished product, but they will tell you that your work does not reach up to their standards of quality as specified in the agreement. In truth, it does not really matter how perfectly you put together the item. Their so called “specifications” will never ever be met. The fact is, they’ve already sold you all those useless stuff and you are left with no other alternative but to try and sell them yourself.

This kind of home based business scam can be avoided. First of all, we cannot stress hard enough how important it is for you to check the company’s background. And not just a simple check, I mean a incredibly thorough check that includes a search for permits in the government records. The chances are, that particular scam or a version of it has been around for a while. Search the internet for it and you might find significant information that will warn you and save your money from these people.

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