Estimating the Cost of iPhone Application Development

If you are a mobile entrepreneur looking to develop an iPhone application, then it is important for you to consider your budget before planning and developing the self service uiuc. The cost of iPhone app development is dependent on the type of iPhone application you are developing. Reading the market pulse and understanding what kind of apps are the new buzz also helps out in taking up the direction for iPhone application development. The following list below breaks down the development costs for different iPhone application types:

These applications are relatively simple to design and develop. The estimated cost for such apps lies in a bracket of $1000-4000. This budget is only applicable if you have all the content available with you to include in the app. Table based applications require a minimalistic approach and layout for development but the customer requirements may demand additional features in their apps. Because of which the applications may incur additional costs if you are looking to add GPS locator, social media integration etc.

The native database applications cost anywhere between $8000-50,000 if every single piece of content, image, writing and sound added in the app is already available. Such apps are usually a lot more complex in design and development. Because of this reason, the cost of these apps is relatively higher. The database applications rely on flawless usability experience. The content is parsed through an enriched front-end that drives the entire game and provides consumers with an enhanced experience.

The most popular genre in and also perhaps the most challenging type of development are the iPhone games. The leader in iPhone games, Angry Birds, costs somewhere between $125,000 – 180,000. The cost of game development is always higher in comparison to other apps because some of the most competent and capable developers are hired to code for these games. Even the simplest of games require complex and dynamic coding in the backend. Some of the possible options while playing a game include hooking the phone into a game center, maintaining the scores, and integrating the game with an online community. These options can complicate the game as each move within a game requires rendering, sound etc. Usually, well-established development companies aim to develop and market iPhone games as this venture requires a huge amount of capital.

Your overall budget should be the main contributing factor in making the final decision about the kind of iPhone application that you intend to develop. If you are a relatively newer company trying your luck in iPhone application development then you must consider all the aspects before developing an application. There are several reputable companies providing design & development as well as consultancy services for iPhone application development. These companies will designate a team of professionals to discuss and help you in planning the direction you want to take in mobile application development. Such companies also help in laying out the various technology options for coding the application and also testing the software to ensure that it performs effectively.

Alfie E Ethan is a Research Analyst at Techliance with an interesting insight about the world of mobile apps development. Author discusses several dimensions of mobile apps development that can be helpful in strategizing any company’s marketing and sales tools.

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