Create Your Fated Encounters to Win Over Girls

For Alpha males, fate is self created. There is no way that you would keep waiting for a girl whom you are attracted to for years. Waiting for some Find incall service from them at the supermarket for days would probably get you arrested. So get over it guys, fate may favor you once but the rest of the days you need to manage your own bread. You can read all about the ways through which guys can attract girls or how to attract girls but if you don’t implement these techniques, then fate has nothing to offer you. 

Indeed, it is nice to get women to bed, without making that effort. But how much do you think that actually happens? So you get one drunken girl to bed… Score! You really need to get over that pitiful image of yours and wait for fate to make things okay for you. Try and implement changes and create feelings within a woman for getting a deep connection with you. Make her feel that you two have known each other for years instead of a few hours.  

All this can be done without having to resort to complicated or risky hypnosis tactics. Alpha male techniques are perfect for you, to make an everyday encounter seem like it had been designated by faith. This fate encounter technique is not restricted to only Alpha males and you can become one too by trying these out. 

These are some of the reasons that these techniques work. Each woman has a fantasy, which has captured her mind from the time since she was a little girl. These can be triggered by a constant era of romantic movies and novels, where fate brings together the protagonist to the man of her dreams. These can be related to fairy tales, where she dreams of a kissing a prince or even some crappy movie about rescuing her from goons. 

Most of the girls usually imagine that one fine day, the sun would be bright enough and birds would chirp on the sidewalk, when she would almost bump into the man of her dreams. This happens on sidewalks a lot but usually you bump into a cart or spoil someone’s hot dog. Finding girls this way… Nah! No chance. So, fate is going to keep you apart, from not one but all the women, if you continue to believe in these tales. 

In movies, the girl would meet the man of her dreams two years later and they would probably work together or live in the same apartment building. And they date other people and like each other secretly and finally fate brings them together. 

Unless you cannot read, there is no way that you would notice that fate already gave so many chances. If they still want fate to make them sleep together, then god helps them. If you are bumping into someone gorgeous on the sidewalk, apologize immediately and ask her to join you for a drink or coffee. If you wait for two years, you would probably bump into her son’s bike on the sidewalk. 

Alpha males don’t believe in giving fate the chance to make them meet again. Fate will bring you together once but the rest is how you plan out your moves. So, if you think that you would be dating other women and not be happy then become an Alpha male. By becoming an Alpha male you can avoid the months of waiting, sighing and pondering.  

In real life, an Alpha male would score over the fate-oriented nerds. There is no need for Alpha males to wait for the girl of their dreams or line up outside their homes. They make their chances and create their opportunities. There is really no need for you to wait for months to ask a woman out or get her to bed with you.  

Speed up the seduction process and make the woman feel deeply connected with you. This simple technique works by using the right words. When you are in conversation with the woman, then try to bring up all the places she has been to. If you also know some of these places, then talk about how amazing it is. Also, mention that it is such a coincidence that you two could have been there at the same time, however fate kept you apart. 

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