Buy Backlinks – Quality Tips on What Not to Purchase

Backlinks are the backbone of website marketing in the search engines. Contextual Backlinks If you want to increase the visibility of your site, increase your pagerank, increase your SEO ranking or generate more traffic to your site, backlinks are key. There are numerous ways in which you can generate backlinks. One way is the natural way of waiting for your site to gain publicity so that backlinks will naturally come to your site.

The other and faster way is to buy backlinks and use them effectively. Due to the demand for large quantities of backlinks that are to be included in your site every month for effective marketing, a number of people prefer to buy backlinks. This method is more convenient and you can get a lot of more them in less time. In addition you do not have to spend time in creating backlinks.

However, when you buy backlinks, you need to keep several things in mind and the major aspect is to avoid backlinks from sites that are from link farms, or temporary, known as rented links (unless your ROI justifies it). Check if the seller provides high pagerank backlinks. It is better that you buy a hundred high pagerank backlinks rather than a thousand low pagerank backlinks.

The second aspect that you have to keep in mind is that you should never buy links from sites that are discredited by the major search engines. You will be surprised to find that there are several sites that are penalized by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Nevertheless, they operate and their backlinks are sold as well. There can be any number of reasons why a site can be deindexed or penalized.

Some of the reasons are posting illegal content on their sites, gambling activities, pornographic content or posting links from other banned sites. If you do not want to be a part of this banned list, refrain from illegal content and do not buy backlinks from these sites. Search engines visit your site regularly and follow the thread of backlinks present on the site. If they follow a backlink on your site back to a banned site, you stand the risk of being banned as well. So, you better take care.

Link farms are sets of sites that have no purpose other than linking out to other websites. They are content farm sites that exist for the sole purpose of supplying their links to other websites in order to get more traffic for their sites or to sell their links as incoming backlinks to other sites. These are the biggest danger when you buy backlinks and can get you banned from search engine lists.

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