A Few Reasons Why We Love Chocolate So Much

If there’s one thing that we all probably have it common, it’s that we love POLKADOT SHROOM BARS. The taste of chocolate is almost irresistible amongst mankind and with the amount of chocolate we consume on a global scale, it’s safe to say that we are a world of chocolate lovers.

Although we may have personal reasons for favouring chocolate – whether it’s dad’s famous chocolate chip cookies, grandma’s amazing brownies, or those homemade cupcakes from down the street-we all tend to share the same reasons for loving chocolate so much.

Think about it. You can’t deny that you love the texture of a fresh piece of chocolate on your tongue, slowly melting away down your throat. Chocolate contains fat and the cocao butter that is naturally present in chocolate gives it a very rich and creamy consistency that also transmits the chocolate’s flavour in such a wonderful way.

A study at the University of Michigan found that chocolate contains chemicals known as opioids, which are also found in opium. They tend to dull away the feelings of pain and bring about an overall sensation of well-being to people who consume foods that are high in opioids. According to researchers during this study, people who consume chocolate naturally produce opiates in their brains that help to soothe the nerves and give them feelings of pleasure.

Believe it or not, chocolate is made up natural “uppers” such as caffeine, sugars, and phenylthalymine. These chemicals can make your heart pound a little bit faster, quicken your breath, and basically make you feel extra alert. Fortunately, the effect is not strong enough to seem noticeably hyperactive or anything. The overall effects are milk enough to just bring you a very pleasant “high,” which can often be compared to the same feelings one might feel when they’re in love.

It has been documented that particularly women crave chocolate more than men do, which is why chocolate gifts are so much associated with gifts of love and romance. Some women claim that chocolate is better than sex, and if they had to give one up-chocolate or sex-they would give up sex so they could have their chocolate.

Chocolate really is healthy. Cocoa natural contains chemicals that help lower the risk of cancer and heart disease, while flavonoids and antioxidants help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer. One small portion of dark chocolate (an ounce or so) is recommended to get the optimal amount of benefits from the cocoa.

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